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Who am I ?


My name is Alix Favre but when I was little everyone called me lalile. I am an architect / engineer, and for some time my path has changed a bit.

So why and how?

I tell you everything.

Ever since I was little, I've been obsessed with creations of all kinds: painting, drawing, collage, charcoal, photography, dance, music, video. But after my studies, I put everything on hold. this artistic passion simply because I wanted as a priority to get a stable job and have a correct financial situation.
In 2019, little lalile suddenly reappeared without warning, putting the idea in my head to make ceramics. From my first initiation, I knew that this art was made for me. The few hours of lessons quickly turned into 15 hours of practice per week in the free "Clay" workshop in Paris. There, I had the incredible chance to learn the basics of modeling and turning alongside other ceramicists from completely different backgrounds.
These creative dates have become a source of energy and happiness in my life, and I especially did not want to give up on them a second time. With my partner, we had the project to leave Paris and it came true the day I met Nicolas Gierlowski, ceramist at the "Atelier Déraisonnable" in Lyon in the 6th arrondissement. He offered me to practice in his workshop: how to refuse this opportunity? It was a sign of fate, little lalile immediately said yes!
So here I am a self-employed artisan from Lyon! I am in love with this new profession and do everything so that it is reflected in my creations.
Photo lalile orange.png

This monster is me.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Finally, it is lalile , the little girl that I was and who decided to take my life in hand.

my inspirations and

my work

I am inspired by everything that surrounds me and that makes me feel good! Optimistic and cheerful by nature, I want my pieces to convey good humor to people, and for this I constantly play with the colors, shapes, textures or patterns of my creations. I like to give life to uncluttered concepts but which know how to stand out by their originality.
My training as an engineer-architect is never far behind me, and I often approach my parts by thinking them in 3D, with cardboard models. This allows me to visualize the volume of the parts before making an earthen prototype.
Technically, the majority of my pieces are made in more or less chamotte sandstone modeling. All of my pieces are fired at a high temperature (around 1280 ° C), which makes them durable and suitable for food use.
I also aspire to open up to other materials such as fabric and printing in order to increase the range of possibilities. The road is long but so exciting! Thank you in advance to all those who support Alix, young and old!
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